The Ultimate Outdoor Dog Water Bottle

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Are you tired of spilling half your water every time you attempt to keep your dog hydrated away from the house? 
If so, this is the product for you!!!

Product Highlights:

The Ultimate Outdoor Dog Water Bottle is the perfect accessory for keeping your canine hiking companion hydrated as the two of you explore the great outdoors!

This portable, easy-to-use water bottle solves a problem that all of us who love to hike with our dogs have... Water-loss due to our dogs inability to properly use the mouth of a bottle.

To use this remarkably useful device, simply squeeze the bottle and the water will fill the bowl. Once your dog is done drinking, release the squeeze and the water returns to the bottle. SIMPLE!

The Ultimate Outdoor Dog Water Bottle comes with an adjustable velcro strap, making it easy to carry on the go. It fits a standard car cup holder and holds 20 ounces of fresh water. The bottles plastic material is BPA-free, food safe, and air tight!

We currently offer 3 different colors: Blue, Fuchsia, and Gray


Type: Dogs
Item Type: Water Bottles
Applicable Dog Breed: Universal
Material: Plastic
Volume: 21x10x10cm, (Holds 20oz of fresh water)
Colors: Blue, Fuchsia, and Gray

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